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  • A lot of hard work and exploration went in to figuring out how to display the QR Codes that people would scan since we were not allowed to hang anything on the walls of the venue.

  • Two days after deciding to make LED towers from bottles, a post was seen on Facebook where MM Cartage wanted to try to get rid of 10,000 plastic bottles in a way that would upcycle them and keep them from landfills.

    Tutorials coming soon.
  • The invitations were designed with Photoshop and then hand burnt and hand sealed with wax.

    Tutorials Coming Soon
  • The towers were a hit, and we began receiving inquiries about borrowing them and Youthbuild commissioned Divinity Rose to create some light sculptures using more plastic bottles and other garbage.By the end of it all, about 2500 bottles were saved from the landfill.

    Tutorials coming soon.
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The Team : Meet the People Behind This Rose Gate

Jace Lightman

Director of Photography, Videography, Producer

Robert Wheeler

Idea Man, Installation and Production, Production Assistant
"Father of three, husband of one. aspiring photographer eminent.The go to guy for anything, mastering in idealistic creation."

Herschel Zahnd

Directory of Cinematography, Camera Operator, Video Post Production

Jason Hoefflin

Adobe After Effects, Videography

Artist Emily Mooney


Featured Artist and Executive Producer, Edinburgh Regional Rep

Laurel Nelson


Event Director at The Marcus Lindsey